The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

The second-best time is today.


Our Mission

To transform an 88+ acre farm through the power of regenerative agriculture and storytelling to build a thriving all natural ecosystem that inspires a community of passionate agricultural producers and entrepreneurs to come together and build the farm of the future.


Build A Community

If we are going to change the workings of our farm we must first attract a talented and passionate community of farmers, entrepreneurs, chefs and storytellers to get involved and create the farm of our dreams for our clients and ourselves.

Regenerate Our Soil

Beyond what grows above ground we recognize that using regenerative agriculture practices is the best way for us to create a rich and fertile soil both for our plants and our aspirations of living a connected and healthy lifestyle well into the future.


Grow & Prepare Mouth-Watering Food, Flowers & More.

Our labour of love when it comes to investing and caring for our farm and our plants all pays off when we get the literally eat the fruits and veggies of our labour. A passion for high quality meals is something our entire community rallies around both on the land and off!

Sharing To Inspire

Through the power of storytelling both online and off the through agrotourism we are sharing our imperfect journey of the ups and downs of being a modern day farm cooperative who are looking to inspire and mentor those willing to embark on a similar path as well as provide our high quality foods to the larger community that support us!




A philosophy of working with nature through observation of all the functions of each element to design whole systems. Valhalla Farms is applying principles of permaculture in all aspects of the project.

Natural Building

We experiment with many natural building principles & solutions that function passively using natural or reused materials as well as implementing practices and systems that prove to be efficient for both planet and wallet. Our hope is to support making these shifts accessible to many.

Non-Violent Communication

A conflict resolution process that allows members to communicate from a place of empathy and understanding, and gives the tools to connect even with those who don’t practice it.


A self-managed decision making model for organizations and communities. Valhalla Farms implements Sociocracy to ensure that all members are included in the decision making while still being efficient in our decisions and ability to lead.