Our Food

Our farm is dedicated to growing all natural foods of the highest quality and integrity using the methodology of regenerative agriculture. Although we aren't certified organic because truth be told we don't enjoy the scrutiny or paperwork, put very simply we don't put any chemicals whatsoever in our food production process.


Market Gardening

Via the guidance of one of our mentors Jean-Martin Fortier, the author of the book and online course The Market Gardener, we are using highly functional and economically viable intensive farming techniques to grow fresh veggies for our local markets but also sold on the farm, in the form of CSA baskets and in high end restaurants in and around Montreal.


Permaculture is one of the original principles in farming that we learnt about which talks about planting in a way that observes the natural ecosystems around any given property and embodies a more food forest like way of planting. From companion plant matching to observing the nature cycles of wind, water and what is growing above ground in any given area is telling us about the soil – we have found a way to build an incredible diversity of plants on our property as a way of propagating biodiversity, starting a nursery and growing incredible fruit trees and bushes to feed us well into the future.


All Natural Animal Care

At Valhalla Farms we impose no particular diet but we do realize animals play an incredibly important role in our ecosystem particularly when it comes to compost, soil health and establishing natural bacterial growth. It’s one of the many reasons we raise chickens and have been able to help fund the seasonal swings of a northern climate farm through our free-range chickens. They have played a huge role in restoring the farm from a GMO corn field into a thriving all natural paradise!


Every ecosystem is nothing without the power of pollinators and of course the crown of pollination goes to the bees. Some of our producer members are incredibly talented and passionate beekeepers who year after year have grown the colony that has made our fruit trees planted many years ago begin to flourish! The wildflowers, the clover, and the plants all rejoice at the tireless work of the honey bees and well we also rejoice in the sweet natural honey nectar they provide!


Want to support farm operations, but can’t commit to our membership? We’d love for you to be a part of our movement in whatever way works best for you. Support however you can - our tribe thanks you for your help.