Our Land

The transformation of a GMO monoculture farm employing less than a single farmer into a thriving community bringing together a diversity of people, plants, curiosities and talents is what our farm represents. We grow with the entire ecosystem in mind and recognize a farm represents more than just growing food…


Soil Regeneration and Carbon Sequestration

Taking over a former GMO corn and soya field is no easy task. From a state of what we consider to be toxicity to the thriving growth of an ecosystem our farm is an example of what regenerative farming practices, the use of compost teas, and carbon sequestration can look like! We believe that our farms ability to thrive in all layers of success fundamentally begins with the health of our soil and the climate it creates.

Biodiversity In Plants and People

Gone are the days of grass lawns as our farm looks to user in an example of biodiversity and edible landscaping become a way of life. We feel that both people and the planet can thrive when we stop looking to control nature and rather work with it to create an ideal ecosystem for both people and plants. We also promote inclusivity and a diverse background and skill sets within our community is incredibly helpful as we feel it takes a village to build a village! Our farm is an ecosystem – not a monoculture in every sense of the word.


Research, Education and Incubation Centre

Many feel that modern times were ushered in with the idea that humanity has conquered nature – but our understanding of nature is clearly limited with that world view. There is still so much to learn about the way the world works and even though some might know the transfer of that knowledge through mentorship both online and off is a priority for the growth of our farm and community. We see Valhalla as a sandbox where sometimes our experiments thrive and sometimes we fail but regardless we always learn together and promote entrepreneurship from the ground up – literally.

Bridge Between Worlds

Our farm is uniquely positioned right outside of a major city centre and has a lot to offer in terms of cross pollination of those who live in the concrete jungle and those who live in the countryside. We feel the balance and genius of both these worlds has a place to thrive on our land and we are unique positioned to be convenient enough for eco-tourism and education to thrive without the limitations and barriers to entry most farms face. Proximity to markets, households and curious minds is a huge benefit our community plans on developing with honour and integrity.


Want to support farm operations, but can’t commit to our membership? We’d love for you to be a part of our movement in whatever way works best for you. Support however you can - our tribe deeply appreciates the help.